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I'm being inactive because of Tumblr. Sorry...
Anyway, I started watching "Black Butler" and it's really good. I'm also reading the manga.
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  • Listening to: Kalafina: Lacrimosa
  • Reading: Kuroshijitsu Manga
  • Watching: News
  • Playing: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds: Over the Nexus
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reesejulianne's Profile Picture
Reese Julianne
Hi! Thank you for visiting My Profile! Now give Me a Cookie. :meow:
Okay, anyway, first things first! I'm Reese (Or Ao, at, And I'm practicing how to draw and write stories!
My 2 Main Projects are "Kirby: The Missing Treasures" and "YGOZ: Black and White", although I do a lot more than that.
My Fancomics will be about the Kirby Series, while My Fanfics are about Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal.
Things I like:
-Sgt. Frog
-Lucky Star
-Yu-Gi-Oh! (Especially ZEXAL)
- Riddle School
-Little Busters!
-Harvest Moon
And a whole lot more!
:iconfiremanderxd: :iconboomboomxd:


Bomb Kirby Stamp by Tigermix Drunk Dororo Stamp by Pekoponian :thumb210108558: Sherlock Homes Astral Stamp by blueyescyberdustdrag :thumb265403346: Kirby Powers Stamp by nakashimariku Bomberman Jetters Stamp by kittypopchow601 Stamp: Eeveelutions by Angel-Espy Sgt. Frog Stamp by DemoniumAngel Kirby's Watermelon stamp by HystericDesigns

And: Iherduliekmudkipz by reesejulianne

Kirby: The Missing Treasures- HIATUS
Kirby: The Evil Shadow- CANCELED
PMD: Team Zero- HIATUS
YGO Zexal AU: Black and White- IN PROGRESS (
YGO Zexal: Little Astral Child- IN PROGRESS (In
YGO Zexal AU: Kingdom Bells- IN PROGRESS (In
YGO Zexal: A so-called Failed creation, he said! (In

I accept requests too ya know! I also post FanArt about the things I like, or My FanCharacters! :D

Summary of my projects:

Kirby: The Missing Treasures- Star Seals are used to keep a country in Popstar stable. When Dreamland's Star Seal disappears, Kirby, Chuchu, and Gooey, 3 In-Training Star Warriors, look for them, under the orders from Metaknight. Although, it's not easy. Mizuiby, a space traveler, and X-10 keeps an eye out for space criminals, that landed on Popstar, Adeline is searching for her twin, Ado, Shadow Kirby is a citizen from Mirrorworld, looking for his mentor, Dark Meaknight, and he joins Kirby and the gang's quest, and more weird things occur at Popstar! (Adventure, Friendship)

YGO Zexal: Black and White- (School Life AU) Astral Mist is a shy, anti-social and sickly boy, While Daruku Mist, simply known as Dark or 96, is a cold, over-protective and violent brother. When they move to Heartland Academy, their life is literally turned upside-down! Especially if the principal is around! However, Astral soon finds out the truth of his family. (Friendship, Humor)

PMD: Team Zero! Explorers of Time, Darkness and Sky!- Volt turns into a Pikachu! He forms a rescue team with Mudkip and Bellosom! With the menacing Team Skull around, can they advance from Bronze Rank, to Master Rank? Why is time stopping, anyway? (Friendship, Adventure)

YGO Zexal: Little Astral Child- A very innocent Astral being can't be a weapon of destruction... Or can it? Eliphas and Ena deal with a Little Astral, who like Eliphas, has powers normal Astral beings don't ! Several years later, Yuma, Kotori, Rinko, Kaito, Haruto and the rest of the group discover that Astral was once friends with the Barians Alit and Gilag, but a certain event made the Barians want to destroy the Astral World more. (Family, Hurt/Comfort)

YGO Zexal: Kingdom Bells- Prince Astral and his secretary, Kotori, meet the knight of Astral's brother. Upon hearing of Don Thousand's plans to invade the different kingdoms, Prince Astral, Lady Kotori, Knight Yuma, Princess Rinko, Prince Vector and Knight Alit join forces to defeat him! However, they're going to need to learn how to control their powers... Especially Astral! (Fantasy, Adventure)

Stories I'm planning to write after Black and White:
YGO Zexal: Not a Clue- Astral, was found in the beach. Bringing him to the hospital, he has no clue who he is. After he gets adopted by the Tsukumos, he seems to have a relationship with Eliphas, Ena, and his look-a-like, the "phantom thief", 96. (Family, Drama)

Kirby: Pink Date (One-Shot)- Keeby and Gooey get Kirby to ask Chuchu out on a date! (On DeviantArt)

1. Miza-Chan! (Mizael/Mizar, Cathy/Cat-chan, Durbe/Dumon)- Why, oh why? Mizael's parents are GENDERBLIND!
2. Pets (Astral, Baby Tiragon/Toragon)- Astral wants a pet.
3. Gifts for our loved ones (Yuma T., Astral, Kotori, Ryoga/Reginald/Shark K., Rio K., Anna K., Fuuya Okadaira/Nelson Andrews, Durbe/Dumon)- For the people they care about!
4. Onii-Chan! (Astral, Dark/Black Mist)- You may find something annoying, and you might one to get rid of it, but one day, you'll regret it.
5. Salty Tears (Yuma T., Astral)- Tears are salty, are they not? Everyone wants to say something to Astral before he dies.

1. Tomo meets Danny Emory! (Requested by OtakuDanny)
2. Celine Inflation (Requested by KingAsylus91)
3. Zexal: DurbeXRyoga (Requested by DarkSignerYusei)
4. Zexal MizaelXKaito (Requested by :devdarksigneryusei)

DELUGE RPG USERNAME: Rinko_Yutora, diola-gonzales, Aorin
FEVERMIX USERNAME: aorin (Common Room Name: Bluebell)
OC information time!
1. X-10- A robotic puffball that has the "Laser" ability. He is Kirby's robotic assistant.
2. Mizuiby- An electric-controlling monster hunter. When angered, she shocks people with her powers.
3. Rinko "Rin" Yutora/ Pyra Mikoron- A tomboyish girl/ Barian* who loves sweets, spicy foods, and hitting people. Although she can be violent, short-tempered, and emotionless at times, she acts like a Tsundere towards Vector.
4. Ethan Yutora/ Mikoron- Rinko's older "idiotic" brother, who wears glasses. He often gets picked on by his little sister, who calls him "Baka" at times.
5. Velia "Vee"- A Yuton specie, who controls fire, although she stinks at it. With her love for pranking, she is known at her home planet as the #1 prankster.
6. Sorara- A Keronian Adventurer, who is a childhood friend of Tamama and Kururu. She is skilled at mountain climbing, fishing, and ruin investigating.
7. Auren- A Pokemon Trainer who raises a Timid, Female Bellosom as her Starter Pokemon,.

* In "Little Astral Child", Rinko is a Barian. However, In "Black and White", she is a regular human.

Things I do for people:
Fanfic Trades- Write Me a One-Shot, I'll make you one!~
Normal Request- Request for something, and no payment or anything in return.
Light-Fluff Oneshot- Fluffy One-shots are my specialty! I can make light fluff with a little Yaoi or Yuri.
Drama/Angst- ANOTHER ONE OF MY SPECIALTIES. I'll make a drama/angst themed story, with hints of your favorite pairing. Maybe a little blood, but not too much.
OC Story Folder (Check Fan-Character-HQ)- A folder for your OC in my group. No payment.
GIFs- Not animations, but GIFs. You'll have to pay 1 Point, though!

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Thanks for the fave!
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You in the Tumblr I'm in a Tumblr too! I put you a follow. You can a picture of Yuzu from YuGiOh! ARC-V
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So what did you think of my group did you read the storyline for Ed Edd n Eddy RPG?
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thanks for the watch! I WILL BE UPLOADING THE THING MOMENTARILY>___< (IT IS SOOOO SHORT IT HAS LIKE ONE LINE OF DIALOGUE....) Most of it is description of the current situation. there will probably be a part 2
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